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- ACTION (2004) Run Time: 90 minutes

When they were just two orphaned kids, Rizzo (Joe Marino: "Great Expectations", "Smokin' Stogies", "Holy Man") and Drake
(Nelson Ricardo), pledged to be friends for life. They survived the mean streets of Miami together, and became major players in the
criminal underworld. Years later, Drake works for a secret organization that assassinates contract killers. Rizzo works for
Santero,(Emilio Plana) Miami's most powerful drug lord, who just double-crossed his way into a fortune in diamonds. A Parisian
mob boss sends his top assassin (Sandrine LeGallic: "Illtown"), to Miami , to recover the $10 million in diamonds, then kill Santero
and his henchman Rizzo. Drake was enjoying his retirement in the Florida Keys with the seductive Maya (Eva Neide) when his
lifelong friend seeks him out again. Rizzo asks Drake to hold a "key" to a secret treasure. . .just in case. Suddenly, the assassin
turns their world upside down. Her search for the diamonds is bloody and brutal. Who will live? Who will collect the diamonds? And
who will come into the sights of a savage assassin? When the smoke clears and the bullets are spent, only one SINNER will walk
away with a fortune in diamonds.

Starring: Joe Marino, Sandrine Legallic, Eva Neide

Directed by: Xavier Barquet

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