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- ACTION/MYSTERY (2004) Run Time: 97 minutes

Karl Lubeck is a private eye in the mold of those great 40's movie detectives. But unfortunately, he has seen better days. After his
wife is murdered, Karl loses his fire and disappears into underground Munich. He resurfaces as a hired snoop for Earth Now, a
radical ecology group. Enter the beautiful and mysterious secret agent Petra Schmitt. She hires Karl to find her missing sister and
Karl soon finds himself drawn into a world of half-truths and lies as his simple missing-person case develops into a murder case
that quickly becomes international in scope. Petra and Karl must work together in order to thwart Petrov, a cold-blooded gangster,
who will kill anyone who gets in his way.

Starring: Sabine Krappweis, Eric Gladhart, Julia von Juni & Hubert Munster

Directed: by Richard Warmoth

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