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Checking the Gate is a quirky, action, adventure, romance, road movie with hot tunes by "The Red Elvises". Vladimir, a mysterious
Russian, arrives in Los Angeles carrying a suitcase full of Al Queda money. His first stop is Boris', an old friend from the orphanage.

With some trepidation, Boris agrees to help Vlad learn about the movie-making process, a life-long dream. On set, Vlad meets a
young punky girl, Kadie, who turns out to be a writer. All hell breaks loose when Max and Alex, good looking, young, Russian twins
arrive. They beat Boris into telling them where Vlad is. Vlad soon realizes the jig is up, but can't let go of his dream. He forces
Kadie, who's about to load her arm full of junk, at gunpoint to go with him to write the story of his life -- offers her $20,000 to do it.
This cool little flick has a number of twists and turns and in addition to being a wild ride, has some depth to it.

Starring: Marc Cameron, Athena Demos, Ilaya Gorovatsky, Boris Gorovatsky and David Alan Graf

Written and Directed by: Jess Thomas

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