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- Action (2005) Run Time: 89 minutes

n the farmlands of Iowa, an FBI agent commandeers control of a prison transport van and sets a convicted felon free. The prisoner
IOWA (Justin Lauer), must find a briefcase of money that he buried in a river 15 years ago, in order to keep his freedom. But the FBI
has no intention of setting him free. While in search of the money, Iowa meets a young runaway, ELLIE (Heather Waters). With the
money in hand, the two strike out on the road, attempting to escape the clutches of the FBI. The feds won't let them run forever,
though, and their action-packed journey leads them to a political debate where two presidential candidates square off. The FBI's
real plan soon comes into focus, and Iowa realizes he's merely a pawn in a political assassination plot. With a taste of freedom
now, he must fight to not only outlive his past, but to have a future.

Starring: Justin Lauer, Heather, Waters, David Schultz, Gretchen Morgan, Barbara Roberts

Written Produced, Edited, and Directed by: Stephen Goetsch

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